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Primary School

BIS Primary School Program

British International School Sierra Leone - Primary School

Our primary school curriculum is designed to keep the students engaged and interested in their learning.

We use the Cambridge Assessment international Education framework for our core subjects, while the other subjects are based on the National curriculum for England.

Both curriculum compliment, each other while ensuring continuation and progression from each stage of learning in the primary school.

Our aim is to ensure that the learning we provide is tailored to the needs of our students so that they are supported through out their learning journey thereby developing skills and values that would enable them to succeed in an ever-hanging world

We take pride in the way we deliver our program. We ensure the success of our students by tailoring our lessons by focusing on their specific needs and their strengths in order to encourage and support them.

Not all of are students learn at the same rate and so we have made sure that our learning environment nurtures
each student’s ability through empowering them and building on their various interests.

At BIS, we believe that every student is unique.





The subject areas covered includes, English, Maths, Science, English as a second Language, Cambridge Global Perspectives, Geography, History, Arts and crafts, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Music. French and Chinese language make up the foreign language curricula. Other learning activities include Physical Education and Music and Movement.

Online Program Support

We encourage our students to take their learning beyond the classroom using an online home work program platform. Children in our primary school program have unlimited access to educational platforms like Education City, Literacy Planet and Purple Marsh.

Home works are set up using the SHOW MY HOMEWORK platform. This means that where ever a student is they have access to studies.

We take sage-guarding seriously and our students engage in an online safeguarding learning using Gooseberry Planet.

Our Teaching Staff

Due to the diverse nature of the school, our teaching staff are sourced both nationally and internationally giving the students the opportunity to appreciate and learn about different cultures and thus learning to become global citizens.

British International Montessori School Sierra Leone

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